About Our Class

This blog is written by the students of “Food for a Healthy Community,” a class at Mt. Diablo High School in Concord, California.

Many of the kids in our school have health problems (like pre-diabetes or obesity) because they don’t know how to cook and eat things that are better for their body. We are 17 students of the junior class. Most of us are 16 or 17. We’re learning how to cook and eat healthy.

Our teacher is Chef Cindy Gershen. We also work with Chef Cindy’s assistant, Kristin Zellhart. Chef Cindy owns a successful restaurant, Sunrise Bistro, in Walnut Creek, a town a few miles south of Concord. Chef Cindy is passionate about food. She is passionate about health. She believes that if we Americans are going to get healthy, it needs to start with us kids. That’s why she decided to teach at our school, in addition to running her restaurant.

Change the food, change the future!

If you’re in the East Bay, about 20 miles east of San Francisco, come check out our food! We serve lunch every weekday, Monday to Friday.


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