Mt. Diablo Goes to Mt. Diablo!

This past weekend the 11th grades students from the Sustainable HospThank You Note Picture Feild Studies 11th Grade Sustainable Hospitalityitality Pathway took their annual overnight field trip! This is a time for them to see what sustainable hospitality looks like in the real world. And of course, they get to camp up on Mt. Diablo!

Here are some of the highlights of their trip!

Concord Hilton

“I liked going around and lohilton pillow makingoking at the rooms and seeing behind the scenes at the restaurant, learning how they use a giant compost machine!”-Nancy Alvarez

“I liked how nice our tour guides were.  The pillow making machine was amazing!”-Jaci Tolen

I really enjoyed seeing the executive suite and liked how they decorated the room and the all of the towels.”

“I would love to have a job at the Hilton it’s a nice working environment”-Juan

Diablo Rock Climbing GymDiablo Rock Gym

“Diablo Rock Gym a lot of fun! The tour guide was really informative!”- Eshontee Andy

“I liked how different age groups, from 4 years old to seniors, could enjoy themselves! I want to get a membership to rock climb for fun!”-Maria Lira

“One of my favorite parts was when we left there was a big bowl of candy”

“I want to come back and actually rock climb!”-Gio

Diablo Valley College

“I liked the student ambassador, it made me want to attend DVC.”-Jesse Ignacio

“They had a lot of different classes that I am interested in taking.”-Maria Aguirre

“The sandwiches were really good. DVC seems like a great place to start”-Daniel and Metzli

Tom Powers FarmAlhambra Valley Farm

“It was really fun and exciting! It was a nice break from the bus ride all day.”-Amy Corona

“I liked how we learned about olives.”-Denique Escobedo

“I was disappointed that we didn’t get to try the grape juice, but I got to pet goats which was pretty great!”-Metzli

“The animals were cool”. -Clarrissa

Mt. Diablo State Park Group Camp-BBQ Terrace

camping on mt. diablo“It was an unforgettable time. Everyone was bonding. A once in a lifetime experience. It felt really good.”-Cristian Torres

“I loved going on the hike to Rock City! I couldn’t believe I could make it to the top of the big rock! The food was fantastic, thank you Chef Cindy! Playing Mofia was a great bonding time!”-Laina Auaumamana

“I liked the view from the group camp!”-Shelby

“Don’t sneak food into your tent!!”-anonymous

“Rock city was amazing”-Celeste

“I liked when it was dark at the camp-site and going on night hikes”-Simone

Sunrise Bistro

“It was bomb. 5 stars”-whole class

“I like how all the employees get along with chef cindy and each other. They seem happy to work there.”-Jeffry

“The red velvet cake was amazing!”-Stephanie

Thank you to the Concord Hilton, Diablo Rock Gym (Touchstone Climbing), Diablo Valley College Student Services, Tom Powers at Alhambra Valley Ranch, the Mt. Diablo Interpretive Association, the Sierra Club, and Bay Area Wilderness Training for making this trip possible! And a special thanks to Cindy and her staff at the Sunrise Bistro for the wonderful food!

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