Summer Cooking Club

    July 1, 2013

Today, some students from Chef Cindy’s class came to school to help out testing food for our new recipe book. We also had students who never took this class and learned what was a healthy meal.

Over here, Chef Cindy went grocery shopping with one of her students, Brenda Santiago, Senior, class of 2014. All these ingredients that they got, will be used to our project on testing our recipes, making edits and posting it onto our recipe book.

Vegetables, fruits, dairy, meat and grains.

Mexican chicken which includes, chicken, onions, bell peppers, cayenne pepper, salt and black pepper. Also was served with brown rice, veggies and fruits.

Marina sauce on top and Italian meatballs which will be added onto spaghetti noodles.

Students that came in to cooking club with Chef Cindy, also the people one white jackets also work at the Garden with Mr. Oliver.

Mr. Oliver ready to enjoy his meal made from his favorite students. (:

Students and adults getting their food.

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