Last day Serving!

Today is our last day serving our teachers this year. We are currently making Chile Colorado, which is a Mexican soup that is served with carrots, onions, beef, tomato sauce and garlic. Chile Colorado We are also serving brown rice with beans and tofu Black Beans & Brown Rice

Tofu being saulted

We are also doing a challenge that Chef Cindy wanted us to do,it is called the Suger Challenge.Sugar Challenege
The rules are:
Must commit that you are willing to eat no foods or drinks that contains sugar for seven (7) days. (Fruits and milk are allowed) No package/ drink or fast food, check the ingredients and if the word has an -ose in the end, it is sugar.

Everyone in the class is doing this challenge and so far, they are all surviving this challenge, even though some of us are tempted to eat candy or chips.

ALL of US, changed our diets from fast foods to healthy foods. Most of us cook at home and we are comfortable cooking and are well-trained at cutting. And we also changed from what we used to not like, but now, we like what we used to not like. We are also looking forward to coming to help Chef Cindy to teach the community to learn what is a healthy community. And also fund raise our senior trip to New York, and do a collaboration with another school and learn from what we know and what we don’t know.

In this last part of the post, All of Chef Cindy’s students want to thank Chef Cindy, Patrick Oliver, Chef Zee, and Heather for being the best people from this school year. We are all looking forward to taking Entrepreneurship and Sustainability with both Mr. Oliver and Chef Cindy.

– Change the Food, Change Everything Chefs, class of 2014.
Chefs with new chef coats

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