Make Your Own Ketchup!

By Alexias Vierra and Cyndy Gomez

Today we’re giving a restaurant presentation in Pam Deane’s English Class. We had to design a restaurant and menu with a social mission. Our restaurant , The Wonder Diner, is in Chicago. It focuses on women’s education. We have special night where part of our profits go to support a foundation that helps women get an education

Our restaurant is The Wonder Diner in Chicago. We’re making hamburgers and French fries. But people like ketchup with those things and regular ketchup has tons of chemicals and sugar in it. We made our own.

It’s really easy: We took some tomato sauce. We added some sugar (just a little!) vinegar, cloves, salt, and pepper. Then we simmered it until it was the consistency of ketchup.

Here's Alexias with the ketchup. Yum!

Here’s Alexias with the ketchup. Yum!

It was easy! Try it!

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