Chicken Cacciatore or “Hunter’s Chicken” or “Italian Stew

On Tuesday, we made Chicken Cacciatore. That means “Hunter’s Chicken” in Italian. We also call it “Italian Stew.”

Italian Chicken with Polenta

We used a hard leafy vegetable called kale. You have to take the hard stem out of the kale. So we held the stem and pulled our fingers along the stem, to remove the leaves. Then we steamed the leaves for about a minute, just to soften it.

Then for the chicken, we put oil and Italian seasoning into a big pan. Then we browned the chicken and some zucchini.

After that, we sautéed Roma tomatoes, onion and garlic and basil. We waited for that to brown up. We call this a “Roma tomato basil salsa.”

We got out a big “hotel pan,” which is like a big glass lasagna pan, only metal. We put the kale in the bottom. We added some swiss chard, another leafy vegetable. After that, we put the chicken on top, then we put the sautéed tomatoes over that.

We put in the oven for 30 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can use the same ingredients, add curry powder and it’s Indian style. Add chili powder and it’s Mexican style.

We served it with “polenta,” which is an Italian corn meal mush, with the texture of mashed potatoes. Most of us had never heard of polenta before. It was good with the chicken on top!

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