Eating Healthy is Cheap!

Today we are making Re-stuffed Baked Potatoes.

81 cents a serving! Yum!

81 cents a serving! Yum!

First you bake the potato. You scoop out the inside. In the meantime, we sauteed ground beef, leeks and something called “rapini.” That’s also called “broccoli rabe.” It’s an Italian vegetable, kind of a cross between broccoli and mustard greens. It has a fresh taste, but a little bitter. You mix the sauteed vegetables and meat with the potato. Then you scoop it back into the skins, and top with grated mozzarella and Italian herbs, Parmesan cheese. Then put it all in the oven,at 400 degrees until they brown on the top.

We’re going to serve this with a green salad that has romaine lettuce, cabbage, carrots, tomato, bell peppers and spinach.

We’re also going to serve sliced oranges.

Does this sound expensive? It’s not!

Chef Cindy is teaching us to cost out meals, to figure out how much we need to buy to make a certain number of servings. Today we’re cooking for 80.

Chef Cindy says that we need to buy ingredient that are in season, and that are on sale. We got the ground beef for $3 a pounds, that’s our most expensive ingredient. We used 10 pounds. We got the tomatoes on sale at 50 cents a pound. A deal! We used 8 pounds. We got the potatoes for 34 cents a pound. We used 20 pounds. All together, we spent $65.29 for the things we needed to make the stuffed potatoes. Per serving, that’s only $81 cents. That’s less than a burger at McDonald’s. It’s less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks!

For our salad, we used 4 pounds of tomatoes at 50 cents a pound. We used three pounds of carrots, at 35 cents a pound. We used two pounds of red bell peppers at 70 cents a pound. We added cabbage and spinach. We spent $11.20 for 15 pounds of salad. We plan to give each person a six-ounce serving. That’s only 22 cents per serving! That’s less than a piece of gum at a corner store!

Somebody also gave us a big bag of oranges. We’re slicing those up for dessert. You can’t get it cheaper than free!

All together we’re having lunch for $1.03 per person. That’s a good deal, right?

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